Gmobile Brand

    After 3 years joining in the telecommunications in Vietnam with the brand of BeelineVN, in September 2012, GTel Mobile JSC will officially launch new brand with the slogan “Nghĩ mới – Làm mới”

Brand Gmobile with the slogan " Nghĩ mới - Làm mới " continue to state the commitment of GTel Mobile JSC to always provide valuable telecommunications services to consumers in Vietnam. Moreover, " Nghĩ mới - Làm mới " is the motto for us to continue to develop products, tariffs and services best suited to meet the needs and desires of consumers.

The tariffs called Big Zero and Ty Phu leaving remarks in local telecommunications market and was used by millions of Vietnamese consumers, Gmobile is and will continue to research, design and develop new products & services. At Gmobile, we are aware that from things that seemed very old and familiar, we also need to make it fresh with new life to bring new values, new spirit for products  having purposes of serving the community.

 “Nghĩ mới – Làm mới” is the motivation as well as the target that Gmobile aim to achieve and develop more preeminent products meeting the diverse demand of Vietnamese consumers.

We believe that with the new ideology and new approach “Think new - Do new”, Gmobile will continue to strengthen its position and bring new wind to telecommunications market in Vietnam.