Yahoo!SMS Messenger

With Yahoo!SMS Messenger from Gmobile, you can easily log in Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile, send and receive SMS from your friends on Yahoo! Messenger anytime, anywhere.

How to use


  1. Register: 2 ways

  2. • For mobile phone, send In(space) Yahoo!ID(space) Password   to 8269.
    • For computer, select “Messenger” on Yahoo! Messenger, then select “Sign in to Mobile Device” in the list. Follow on-screen instruction to confirm your mobile number and install the service. After finishing these steps, the line “Sign in to Mobile Device” will be replaced by “Sign in to (your mobile number)”

  3. Compose and send a message:

  4. • Send SMS to an account on Yahoo! Messenger from mobile:
    To (space) Yahoo!ID (space) Content of message to 8269.

  5. Receive and reply:

  6. • You can receive messages from Yahoo! chatters automatically when you log in to Yahoo! Messenger from mobile.
    • - Replying to messages from Yahoo! Messenger is as easy as replying to a normal SMS. Select “Reply”option, compose your message, and then send it.

  7. Sign out:

  8. • Send Out to 8269.
    • Automatically sign out if you register but haven’t used this service during 1 week.

  9. View list of Yahoo Friend

  10. • View list of online yahoo nicks on Yahoo! Messenger: send Get to 8269
    • View list of online and offline yahoo nicks on Yahoo! Messenger: send Get All to 8269
    • View friend list of following letter: send Get(space)the first letter of Yahoo!ID to 8269
    After receiving SMS from 8269, if you want to get more friends, select Reply option, compose More and send it.

  11. Other functions:
  12. Function

    Compose content

    Send to short-code

    Update 1 yahoo nick on Yahoo! Messenger



    Delete 1 yahoo nick on Yahoo! Messenger

    Del(space) Yahoo!ID

    Accept an adding request


    Only reply messages

    Accept an adding request of someone and add that person to your friends list


    Deny a contact request


* Note:

  • With every SMS from mobile to Yahoo!Messenger, you will receive maximum 3 messages from Yahoo!Messenger. If you don’t reply, Yahoo!ID can’t send messages to you anymore.
  • Every SMS from mobile to Yahoo!Messenger will have 160 characters as usual SMS. And every message from Yahoo!Messenger to mobile will have 160 characters including Yahoo!ID.


  • SMS to 8269: 500 VND/SMS
  • SMS from Yahoo! Messenger: free