Balance & Payment

  Extra Days Service
With “Extra days” service from Gmobile, you can extend validity period of your core balance for 30 or 10 days without top-up.
  Balance Transfer Service
To supplement the expense of your friend, not necessarily buy a prepaid card or seek outlet for eTopup - do it from your mobile phone!
“Balance transfer” will allow you to transfer money from your account to another «Gmobile» subscriber at anytime.
  Give Me Money
With the service "Give Me Money” you can easily send request to your Gmobile friends asking them transfer some money to your balance.
  e-Top up
If you are afraid to loose scratch card or want to top-up for exactly amount of money different from value of scratch card, you can use e-top up. Top-up for 5,000 vnd minimum or any other value, which is multiples of 1,000 vnd.
  Scratch card
The way for refilling balance by prepaid scratch / paper card.