Messages & Internet


  Unlimited SMS
Subscribe to «Unlimited SMS» service and send SMS with 1 000 VND!
  UNLIMITED Mobile Internet
Subscribe to «UNLIMITED Mobile Internet» service and you can surf Internet from your mobile phone all day long only for 1 500 VND!

  Facebook SMS
You want to be always in touch with your Facebook page anytime, anywhere? It’s easy now with Facebook SMS service from Gmobile.
  SMS (Short Message Services)
Diversify contact with the close ones and the friends with the aid of the text messages! You will be able with the aid of SMS
  MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services)
With MMS service, you can now combine text, pictures, photos, animations, speech and audio in unified messages and send to other Gmobile numbers and/or email addresses Even though your handset does not support MMS, you can receive MMS at website
  Mobile Internet
With this service and a GPRS/EDGE supported handset, you will be able to access directly to Internet to surf web, send email, chatting, enjoy online games, etc.

Yahoo!SMS Messenger
With Yahoo!SMS Messenger from Gmobile, you can easily log in Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile, send and receive SMS from your friends on Yahoo! Messenger anytime, anywhere.