Change phone number

Satisfy the desire with a number that speaks out your wish? Waste no time swapping nice number with Gmobile Kool Number Service now, without hassle of changing SIM cards.

Make your contact number a remarkable date like birthday, wedding date or just lucky numbers to bring you up with lucks, money or success. Gmobile diversified and plentiful storage of nice numbers prefixed with 099 or 0199 will feed all your demands.   

Check number availability, swap feeand swap to nice numbers wherever and whenever you want with just 2 easy simple steps:

1) Check nice number and its swap fee: send SMS Check_099xxxxxxx”  or “Check_0199xxxxxxx” Send to 132


Check range of nice number: send SMS text “Check_YYY” or “Check_YYYY” to 132. YYY or YYYY are 3 or 4 digits you want to have in the nice number

2) Swap to new nice number: send SMS “Swap_password_old phone number_new phone number” to 132

Create password, press *117*password*password# Call 

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